Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 3: Lugang - Tainan

Time: 5:29:05
Distance: 143.05km
Average Speed: 26.0km/h

After a breakfast of dan bing and bananas we got back on the highway 17. The roads today were completely flat other than the ramps to get onto bridges. The wind wasn't as strong today but it still helped us keep up a good average speed for the day. We stopped for lunch at a town called DongShi. The most common job in town seemed to be preparing oysters. The shells were everywhere and on the side of the street almost everyone was working on them. The flat road continued all the way to Tainan. We planned our distance wrong today and ended up doing an extra 20km but we still arrived in Tainan at around 6 which left us plenty of time to meet our couchsurfing host Andy. When we met Andy he introduced us to his friends and brought us to the biggest night market in Tainan.


  1. haha~i lived in a down near DongShi before and the seafood there is very famous,do you try them ? :)

  2. Ya, they made us a big bowl of noodles with oysters and shrimp for just $50NT. It was great. Nice temple there too.