Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 2: Zhunan - Lugang

Time: 4:37:12
Distance: 109.2km
Average Speed: 23.6km/h

We ate breakfast and lunch at Angus's cousin's house before starting today's cycle. We decided to take highway 1 to begin with before moving on to highway 12 and eventually 17 which would take us to Lugang.
It was much sunnier today and we had the wind at our backs again which made for a really nice day's cycling. There were also a good few climbs for the first half of the day but nothing too steep. We passed many farms and sleepy towns. Most of which had a 7-eleven if we needed anything. It turned out that we did. Angus suffered the first puncture of the trip while we were having coffee at 7-eleven. Most 7-elevens in Taiwan have excellent quality bike pumps inside and some puncture repair tools which you can use for free if you have a breakdown. I put a new tube in and we were on the road again in a few minutes. The other tube can be fixed tonight. The problem was a hair thin piece of wire getting through the tire. I'm not sure where these come from but I'm told it's from HGV truck tires. We stopped in the town of Dajia and went to see a temple there. It gets dark early in Taiwan and before 6 we had to turn on our lights. We cycled through the dark for about an hour and a half on straight flat roads until we reached Lugang, a city famous for it's temples.

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