Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 4: Tainan - Kaohsiung

Time: 2.19.24
Distance: 46.2km
Average Speed: 20.4km/h

This was the easiest and most boring day of cycling but we reached Kaohsiung very early so I got to see a lot of the place. Angus stayed with a friend from college and I stayed with Jeff from couchsurfing. He took me on some of the bike trails of the city. I managed to see most of the sites of Kaohsiung in just a few hours. It's a very nice city and I think it has a very European style. It's not as chaotic as Taipei and it's a more laid back place. After dinner in an all you can eat restaurant we went for a few beers by the Love River with 2 of Jeff's friends. Later on I found myself in a place called The Brickyard drinking cans of Guinness. It's pretty much Roxy 99 only for the fact that its in Kaohsiung. The owner wasn't too impressed by my description of the place.

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