Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 1: Luzhou - Zhunan

Time: 3:39:49
Distance: 95.71km
Average Speed: 26.1km/h

Shortly after midday we set off from Sanmin Senior High School MRT station in Luzhou, Xinbei City. Conditions today were perfect. It was overcast, the temperature was cool and there was a really strong tailwind helping us. I felt bad for all of the people who were cycling in the opposite direction to us and moving at a snail's pace. We began by using the cycle lane along the Danshuei river to Bali. At Bali we got onto Highway 15 which took us all the way to Hsinchu. On the way we stopped in DaYuan where I ate one of the greatest feeds of fried rice I've had this year. We also stopped at a statue of a giant woman. After Hsinchu we headed in the direction of Zhunan where we will stay tonight with Angus' cousins. 

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  1. Well begun is half done!
    wish you guys have fun in your cycling trip :)