Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 8: Changbin - Hualien

Time: 6:42:14
Distance: 99.75km
Average Speed: 14.8km/h

I watched Notting Hill on TV while it was raining this morning. When it cleared up outside we set off for Hualien on the Coastal Highway 11. At the first 7-eleven we stopped for a rest. The B&B owner showed up on a scooter. We gave her a wave. Then she produced my iPod which I had left it back in the room. What a nice thing of her to do. The wind today was brutal and relentless. Most of the way seemed to be uphill too which made for a really difficult day, probably the toughest of the trip so far. Along the way we crossed the Tropic of Cancer. Aside from that it was the same as yesterday. Mountains one side and the ocean the other. We passed through a few sections of road that were under construction. Getting through them was fine but the sand flying around proved to be an obstacle for my eyes. We got into Hualian after dark but the last few kilometres into the city have streetlights so it was safe enough. We'll try to get back to Taipei in 2 days but if the wind continues to be this strong it might take 3.

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