Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 7: Taitung - Changbin

Time: 3:31:05
Distance: 71.79km
Average Speed: 20.4km/h

Yesterday I had to disconnect my back brakes because the back wheel was rubbing off them and slowing me down. Part of the rim had bent and was sticking out. A bang with a rock might have been a temporary solution but I was afraid that I might make the situation worse. The front brakes are enough as long as I keep seated. Standing on the pedals and pulling the front brakes is always a bad idea (I did it a few times in Ireland and flew over the handlebars). I needed to get the wheel replaced in Taidong this morning so we left a bit late. We decided to make the trip to Hualien in 2 days rather than 1 so we were aiming for Changbin. Highway 11 is famous in Taiwan for it's scenery and is one of the most popular routes in the country. The climbing wasn't as tough as yesterday but the scenery was equally stunning. At my first snickers and coffee break we met a Hong Kong cyclist who was going our way. He joined us as we went to Sansiantai and then Changbin. We all decided to get a room in a B&B just outside Changbin centre. The owner of the B&B called a local seafood restaurant to pick us up and bring us door to door since it was raining. Tomorrow our Hong Kong friend will take the mountain route while we will stay on Highway 11 (Coastal). We all hope to arrive in Hualien tomorrow evening.

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