Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 10: Yilan - Luzhou

Time: 7:35:29
Distance: 159.57km
Average Speed: 21.0km/h

Our last day was also going to be one of the longest. The wind was quite strong but not as bad as other days during the week. We rode the coastal highway 2 for most of the day. I suffered more problems with the bike today. The chain popped out of the back derailleur (something I never saw before) when I was lifting the bike from a cycle path onto the road but it was easily fixed. We met a cyclist from Taichung who was trying to cycle around the island in 7 days and rode with him into Keelung. We ate in the night market here and proceeded up the coast. With about 2 hours to go we stopped for a coffee break by the sea. I ordered an Irish Coffee but they didn't put any whiskey in it so I added some of what I had brought myself. We stopped for one more break at Danshuei before the last leg of the journey. We were welcomed into Luzhou (just outside Taipei) by Angus's sister who had made a banner for us. After we ate dinner with Angus's family and neighbours.

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